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Bringing Arcades Back!

Hi! We are Schuyler and Alicia Lane.


Our mission is simple, we want to bring arcades and pinball back, taking everyone back to simpler time. Almost everyone has a fond memory of placing a quarter into a Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter or so many other timeless arcades. These amazing memories take everyone back to being a carefree kid escaping the real world of daily jobs, mortgage payments, and midterms. Our goal is to try and help everyone relive those memories along with creating new ones with their own families.


Schuyler is a Redding native who grew up in and saw the rise and fall of, the local Redding arcade, The Gold Mine. Ever since then he has been searching for games to play in any town he could visit.

Alicia is a bay area transplant, who has called Redding home since she was 9. She spent countless hours in the nickle arcades of the bay area before moving up to the arcade deprived area of Redding.


After a night out in 2012 of desperately searching for local arcade and pinball machines to play, it seemed almost every machine we walked up to either ate our quarters, had a bad dim/blurry monitor and gummed up/soda spilled buttons, or just plain didn't work. It became clear there had to be a better way. In 2013 we started acquiring a few broken machines that Schuyler found and drug home. Schuyler spent countless hours researching and teaching himself how to fix and repair them. In 2014, we took a chance and stuck 4 machines in the back corner of Westside pizza in Anderson (we still have machines in there!) to see if everyone loved them and wanted to relive them as badly as we did.

Flash forward to today and SKL Arcades & Amusements has become the #1 local provider of arcades and pinball machines for the Redding/Anderson area. We currently have 9 locations (and are still growing) and have over 60 machines to be enjoyed. Our biggest focus is giving your location a unique selection of machines that no other location in the area has, helping draw in customers and creating memories for a new generation.

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